Refuge Fest 2020 has ended
Welcome to the 2020 Refuge Outdoor Festival Virtual Camp-in! This event is geared toward Black, Indigenous, People of Color being centered and uplifted in the outdoors, white allies welcome. Take refuge and do as much, or as little as you would like. 

All sessions with the lock symbol are already pinned to your schedule. These sessions are for all attendees.
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Coral Mercado

Kent, Washington
I'm pretty easy going and I love to laugh I'm a bit of a socially anxious person But the right person can get me out of my shell I don't trust easy, so if you have it, you've earned it I like to be in control But I'm learning to know that that's not realistic I find it hard to sleep at night Because I can't turn my brain off I'm one of those people who listens to Director's commentary Sometimes more than once I prefer subbed to dubbed any day Paradise Kiss and Nana are my favorite Anime/Manga I watch more TV than I probably should But there are worse things to do with your down time I've got the patience to watch foreign films and read slow English social comedies But I have none for people who are like me Sorry :P I see lines everywhere I'm very big on drawing similarities to understand situations, people, music, and novels In a loose sense, I stereotype If I find someone I can draw no lines to then I am truly intrigued I change my mind a lot But I'm young and I can still get away with it In the end, all the important parts stay the same fin [except for not [because I am infinite]]