Refuge Fest 2020 has ended
Welcome to the 2020 Refuge Outdoor Festival Virtual Camp-in! This event is geared toward Black, Indigenous, People of Color being centered and uplifted in the outdoors, white allies welcome. Take refuge and do as much, or as little as you would like. 

All sessions with the lock symbol are already pinned to your schedule. These sessions are for all attendees.

Charlyn Griffith/ Pronoun they or Honey

Socially Engaged Artist
Worldwide Underground
They pray for freedom NOW, forever and for us all. Playing in this massive life experience and thinking about it a lot with 3 children, a partner and a lot of other loves. Their community is being shaped by the ancestors and there is gratitude at the Center of that experience. They are working on a sculptural series called ‚ A Body of Work' presently, and has been activating projects like this through Wholistic.art. They hope that the Free Brunch Program can be produced with many more kindred communities, because it's fun and we deserve more pleasurable mealtimes.